Meet at Canvas

Canvas is designed for those looking to have a meaningful meeting or event. We welcome groups from across the country who gather to work through a problem… to break down barriers… to truly listen to one another’s perspectives and stories. Canvas is the neutral environment for your leadership retreat, your quarterly strategy session, your board meeting, your launch event, your press briefing, or your celebration of overcoming obstacles as a team…

Multiple spaces on the same urban compound. Each space designed with purpose. Complemented with local itineraries and experiences along with locally sourced catering options. Welcome to your Canvas.


Experience the Spaces

The House

The Market

The Studio

The Trailer

The Garden


Our philosophy


Allow gatherings to focus on meeting content and listening to one another's perspectives against a neutral backdrop.


Upcycled, recycled, composted, carbon-reduced, locally sourced, locally invested approach to hospitality.


Crafted experiences and exercises. Engaging talks and moderators. Harnessing nearby trials and parks.

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