At Canvas, we have curated a series of agendas within walking distance of The House & The Market that will help you reach the goals of any meeting. Pick and choose the elements you like, or try the full agenda for your next meeting.

Get Warmed Up:

We have created a series of ice breaker activities to jump start any meeting quickly. Just ask and we can find the right one for your team.

Trails and Treehouses: 

Meet at The House and start your morning with a walk down to  WPA Southside for breakfast where you will layout your strategy challenges. Then you hike in small, blended teams for the two miles of river trails from our place to the  Trailside Treehouse  where you have lunch and share back thoughts of the day so far. Teams then regroup for the hike back and further discussion at The House before heading over to the  Laura Lee's patio for drinks and an early dinner. 

Reality vs. Virtual Reality: 

Start your day at The Market with coffee and breakfast by Lamplighter. Once your team is together, roll the dice to get warmed up with an ice breaker exercise intended to get your team talking to one another.  Once you’re ready to start talking, set the stage by defining the Red Lines of the day. Use the butcher block paper to create two lists. One list to define the purpose of this meeting and start a second list to keep track of topics that come up, but are better suited for a later conversation. This will help keep your team on track throughout the day.  Now you are ready to spend the day working towards your goals for the meeting. Towards the end of the day, the Warehouse 29 van can pick your team up and transport them over to the Warehouse 29 virtual reality experience. This 10,000 square feet of virtual reality escape room is a great way to end the day especially when paired with a happy hour catered by Soul and Vinegar. 

Parks and Recreation: 

Meet at The House for a cup of coffee in our courtyard where you will set the tone for the day. Then you will break into groups for a walk in Forest Hill Park to answer a series of questions that will help you understand what drives each member of your team ending up at the picnic tables where your favorite food truck is parked for lunch and a guest speaker from  James River Park System. After lunch, you will head back to The House for a deeper dive and working session with your team. Your final reward? Tropical themed drinks at the  Little Nickel restaurant right down the street.  

Garden Party: 

Meet at The Market and start your morning with a walk down to  Crossroads Coffee for a cup of coffee and some breakfast on their patio. Set the tone for the day. Next stop is the  McDonough Community Garden where we will meet a group of urban farming leaders for a discussion under the newly built pergola around urban agriculture and the collaboration between urban farming leaders gathering to create economic opportunity through local food. Your group will then head back to The Garden to plant a tree of their own and continue your conversation. End your day at  Laura Lee's where you will eat foods prepared with the herbs from the McDonough Community Garden and paired with local wines.